The CAA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of talent and sports agency, and the Pop Culture Collaborative revealed the launch of Evolutionaries, a collective of movement leaders, cultural organizers, and civic activists who are using storytelling to create change.

Four Evolutionaries have been selected, and over a nine-month period, each individual will receive $50,000 from the Pop Culture Collaborative’s Becoming America Fund and the CAA Foundation to support their nonpartisan projects, and curated mentorship from the CAA Foundation, and access to Pop Culture Collaborative’s Abundance League.

“For over 25 years, the CAA Foundation has activated popular culture to create sustainable, positive social change,” said Natalie Tran, Executive Director, CAA Foundation. “We are thrilled to partner with the Pop Culture Collaborative to launch this unique program, which uplifts the voices of movement leaders as storytellers who show us how to create a more just and equitable world for all.”

The participants have spent their careers leading organizations, and creating national influence to create systemic change. Each Evolutionary was selected as a result of their proven commitment to being agents of social change, and ability to use the power of storytelling to transform narratives. The Evolutionaries will respectively advance a project – from books and podcasts to performance art, with the goal of scaling their message to reach mass audiences to inspire public engagement.

“In order to transform systems and end policies that create barriers to equity and justice, movement leaders need a solid bench of experts and strategists to help them achieve their vision,” Rupa Balasubramanian, Vice President of the Pop Culture Collaborative, said. “With the support of the Pop Culture Collaborative and the CAA Foundation, these storytellers will help Americans of all backgrounds reckon with our past, make sense of our present, and unite us with a shared vision of a pluralist future.”

The 2021 Evolutionaries participants are:

LaTosha Brown, the Co-Founder of Black Voters Matter Fund, BVM Capacity Building Institute and founder of the Southern Black Girls & Women’s Consortium.

Crystal Echo Hawk (Pawnee), the founder and Executive Director of IllumiNative, a national Native-led organization focused on changing the narrative about Native peoples on a mass scale.

George Goehl, Director, People’s Action, the most robust, race-conscious rural organizing and persuasion program in the United States.

Cristina Jiménez, Co-Founder and former Executive Director, United We Dream, the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the country.

Article By Valerie Complex